Sunday, February 22, 2009


Teachers are so intelligent and every day they improve their writing and reading skills. Every day teachers check more than 20 different home works; this is one of the reasons why they have to do extra work in their house. One of the reasons why teachers are intelligent is because they studied 4 years to have the knowledge about ah area to teach others.

Teachers are very peaceful with the students. For the first 3 times when a student comes late to the class room, the teacher forgives them. They are so peaceful with those students that always are talking during the class period. After school, teachers go home where some time they have to talk with their children whom are fighting when they got home. Also some time their wife did not cook for His diner.

Also teachers are faithful. They teach those students whom usually come late how to handlebar their times to do not be late no more. They teach to those students that always are talking during the class period that they have to listen to they can learn and pass the class. When they go home they teach their children that they have to love each others and that is not God will to they fight each other. Also they make their wife understand that when they come back from work, they are hungry and that they need their wife take a time to cook for them.

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